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Common Sense Campaign TEA Party 2009-2016
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Annual CSC Membership of $20 is due January 1st
Please send your membership by snail

Saturday, May 21st RALLY in support of Judge Roy Moore

Common Sense Campaign is filling up a bus for the trip to Montgomery.

The rally starts at 11AM, so the bus will need to pick up at FESTIVAL CENTER,

Mobile at 6:30AM, COST IS $27.00 PER PASSENGER. 
Only a few seats available.

Call Kay 251-490-4699 and arrange to pay by check or cash. 
STOPPING TO EAT on the way home after the rally, GROUP CHOICE.


 CSC needs the following:
  • Patriots who will make phone calls to CSC members who do not have email and need to know what CSC is working on and how they can help by making phone calls to our elected officials.
  • Patriots who will do research online to further the cause of Conservatives.
  • more...
Our planning meetings are held on 1st & 3rd MONDAYS every month. EVERYONE who wants to work on Conservative Values is welcome!  Switched to MONDAYS because Dr. Lou is teaching on Tuesdays this semester.  Bring your concerns to ANY meeting. We will discuss the best way to address them.
  • "Monday Planning Meetings" for CSC
    • Planning meeting: , May  , TBA, 6PM 
      • Location: TBA

    Videos found online to educate and inspire Patriots Part 2 of 2

    Molon Labe-How the Second Amendment Guarantees America's Freedom (2 hour movie)

    We Still Hold These Truths PDF  | Print |  E-mail

    We must learn from past events

    Patriots must be willing to step into the fray

    to protect our liberty!