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Common Sense Campaign TEA Party 2009-2016
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Common Sense Campaign Tea Party Releases Call for Governor Bentley to Support
Anti-Common Core Candidate to be New State Superintendent of Education
Email Governor Robert Bentley: 

Call Governor Robert Bentley: Switchboard 334.242.7100 Fax 334.353.0004
Fairhope, Alabama: The Common Sense Campaign Tea Party along with Independent Tea Parties and Conservative Activists across Alabama are calling on Governor Bentley to live up to his 2014 campaign promise to repeal Common Core by taking the first step in that process by hiring a new State Superintendent who is opposed to Common Core. 
Common Sense Campaign president, Dr. Lou Campomenosi, said that all of Alabama's grassroots groups, including the Common Sense Campaign, has voted unanimously for the last five years to support repeal of Common Core. These votes reflect not only the will of the people of Alabama, but also the opinion of the GOP Executive Committee and all of the County Executive Committees that have overwhelmingly voted to repeal Common Core year after year. Now that test results on Alabama students have proven that since Common Core was adopted it is a dismal failure, state leaders must select a new State Superintendent who has the knowledge and will to equip our students to succeed once again. 
The Common Sense Campaign's action as noted here is a direct challenge to Governor Bentley whose campaign promises made to Alabama citizens to repeal Common Core have been neglected since the 2014 election. We believe that this an opportune time for the Governor to reach out to the grassroots who supported him in 2014 and begin to fulfill his long overdue promise of rolling back Common Core by working with the State Board of Education to hire the best possible candidate who also is opposed to Common Core.
The new State Superintendent will face many challenges as a result of Common Core including raising Alabama’s national education rankings from the very bottom, when we were rated in the mid-20’s under the previous 2009 Standards. Importantly, the new State Superintendent has to be prepared to work fully with the State Board of Education when it repeals Common Core to implement a new set of standards informed by the very best standards available and tied to Alabama’s values and its previous commitment to truly rigorous high standards that were abandoned under the untested and now failed Common Core.
Email Governor Robert Bentley: 
Call Governor Robert Bentley: Switchboard 334.242.7100 Fax 334.353.0004


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