Common Sense Campaign Tea Party 2014
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 Why should I join CSC?  Did CSC get AL laws passed for me? waving flag


 CSC Upcoming Events--Three Month Calendar


TEA Party Express in Mobile
US Senator Jeff Sessions is Confirmed as a speaker!

Wednesday 5PM
Cathedral Square MAP


Mid-Mobile Chapter

Thursday, April 24---6PM
West Regional Library

5555 Grelot Rd, Mobile, AL MAP

 P.J. Owens will give a Power Point Presentation on

Step By Step Tyranny & The Emerging New World Order.

We will then show a DVD--21 minutes in length--on

American Tyranny--Saving Our Republic.  Very informative!


Bay Minette

North Baldwin Chapter/Baldwin Co Young Republicans

AL Senate District 22 Candidate Forum

Monday, 4/28/14    6:30PM

Details Here

5 candidates will be present for questions from the audience



CSC is looking for Patriots who will do little tasks and big jobs as we prepare for the June Primary, the July Run-offs and the November 2014 Elections.  We must all work diligently to put as many CONSERVATIVES in the AL Legislature and in the U.S. Congress as possible.  America needs to have a Conservative majority in the House and the Senate in order to reverse the unlawful and un-American edicts which have been "penned" by the current President. 

We need the following:

  • Patriots who will make phone calls to CSC members who do not have email and need to know what CSC is working on and how they can help by making phone calls to our elected officials.
  • Patriots who will go door-to-door and deliver brochures with facts about issues important to Conservatives and the platforms of various candidates.
  • Patriots who will do research online to further the cause of Conservatives.
  • more...

Our planning meetings are held on the First and Third Monday of every month. 


Videos found online to educate and inspire Patriots Part 1 of 2

Videos found online to educate and inspire Patriots Part 2 of 2

Molon Labe-How the Second Amendment Guarantees America's Freedom (2 hour movie)


ARE YOU REGISTERED TO VOTE? Click here to check

2014-June-03   2014 PRIMARY ELECTION Register by May 22, 2014

2014-July-15   2014 RUN-OFF ELECTION

2014-November-06   2014 GENERAL ELECTION

Bottom left for YOUR registration info

Deadline for Registering to Vote is 4:30PM, eleven (11) days before an election.



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We must learn from past events

Patriots must be willing to step into the fray

to protect our liberty!